China: Day -1

There is a time to speak, there is a time to reflect. There is that moment when you know exactly what is right and you do it without hesitation. There are seconds that last forever and exciting times that won’t come fast enough. 

All of those seemingly random small moments in my life have culminated into a single point in time… right now… and right now is an exciting time, indeed. 

To celebrate the beauty of today, my partner Emily and I are leaving our beloved, safe, and chilly home in Traverse City to head East… well, more specifically south to drop off the cat with my wonderfully supportive and loving parents, then catching a ride west to Michigan City to pick up the South Shoreline train to Chicago.. then catch a flight to Beijing… which Flys over the north pole, I think… so I don’t think we actually will be heading east at all… I guess “far east” is just one of those wierd cultural carryovers from good old Alex the Impressive… in reality, we probably could head any direction and not loose too much time… but I digress…

We are planning a two week self guided cross country tour across inland china… starting in Beijing and heading southish toward Guilin. Then back to Beijing and home in time for April fools…

We’re so jazzed to be able to take this trip together and on the eve of such an exciting summer for us. For me, China holds many firsts… it was my first major traveling destination without family as a teen… it was the first place to show me a living  history beyond anything that I had ever imagined… it was the first place that I found myself on my own and in a place that was very unlike anything that I had ever experienced. It tought me a lot in the handful of days when I was packed into a herd of wide-eyed children wearing short shorts and fanny packs… that was 1994. A lot has changed since then… but still that wide-eyed boy still lives strong inside this aging body… and im sure he still looks smashing in a fanny pack! 

I look forward to experiencing China again with adult eyes and hopefully holding on to that boyish excitement that has kept the amazing Chinese culture alive in my memory over the last 25 years. My plan is to keep my public log of our experience right here. 


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