China: Back to Beijing

On the road, 10 days blow through the memory like a mild squall in the night. Two weeks is just enough time to get back your sea legs.

Our last night in Xiamen, we decided to go check out a Buddhist temple

It was lovely.  We lit some incense

And walked around the beautiful grounds for a while. The temple is 1000 years old and so peaceful inside the walls even with the roar of traffic on the other side. Behind the temple was a stone walkway that made it’s way up the mountain… 

Having taken a picture of the mountain from Gulangyu, we figured, let’s get one from the other direction… so up we climbed

And the view was spectacular 

Then we climbed down and realized we needed to eat! Luckily you can always find good veggie food at a Buddhist  Temple… so we filled up at the cafeteria.  Then, we decided to find a brewery that I had found the last time I had wifi… it was supposed to be in this hip section of town right by the University.  The area was awesome… you gotta love a college town… tons of kids and tons of hip shops… we had a hard time finding the brewery, though, and ran across some cats from Ohio who were studying abroad… they hadn’t heard of it, so the four of us set out to find it. It ended up being in the sweet Art District with a bunch of food trucks

The name had changed which is why we couldn’t find it. The new name is “Fat Fat Beer Horse”

And it was amazing. It’s owned by a German named David, and he was more than happy to pour us a flight and show us around.

It was built around an old ice making plant and all of the tables we over the gigantic compressors.  In the back all of the old ice naking equipment couldn’t be removed so he had crammed the brewery around it all. The best part was the view from the rooftop deck

And the beer was crisp and clean. He really nailed the farmhouse and the pils. He had an alt that was more malty as well that was more like a red that was great.

It was a really great time. We really enjoyed the people of Xiamen. People were always helpful and willing to guide us even if they couldn’t speak English. Waking up and grabbing provisions to fly back to Beijing we found that we both were a bit somber about leaving… it’s been a nice place to land for a while. I can see us coming back here, for sure.

Landing in Beijing, we hit one more brewery, 

and one more delicious veggie restaurant 

And called it a day.


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