China: Gulangyu 1

We woke up in Xiamen and had been reading about an island to the west named Gulangyu… it was apparently only excessible via ferry and had no motor traffic… it sounded lovely… so we hopped on route 51 to the international port (where us non locals need to leave from)  

and grabbed a ticket across the channel.

One on the island, we were really happy with the slower pace, the lack of “silent assassins” (unlit electric scooters at night), and plenty of trees!

So we spent the day eating street food

Breathing the ocean air, and taking in the sights

When it was time to head back, we found that we didn’t want to leave, but already had a room in Xiamen… so we went back across 

and had a discussion over some delicious “local noodle” about our plans…

… and in true Em and Ben style, threw the Guilin plans into the nearest recycling bin (which are everywhere), since weather reports were 40s and rain there… we canceled our return flight from Guilin to Beijing, and booked two nights at a nice(ish) hotel with a patio and breakfast on the Gulangyu. We woke early, grabbed some provisions at the market in the morning

And jumped back on the ferry to have a little island life for a few days… we both could use a few chill decompression days after the pace we were keeping… we also needed time to let laundry air dry!


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